Official Rules for Showcase Karaoke™ III Video Contest

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The Showcase Karaoke™ competition takes place at Sam Maguire's of Orland Park on Tuesday nights.

Sam Maguire's
39 Orland Square Drive
Orland park, IL 60462

Out Of Focus Entertainment's Showcase Karaoke™ III competition will run Tuesday nights, for eight weeks, at Sam Maguire's. During the first 5 QUALIFYING weeks (May 24th, May 31st, June 7th,  June 14th, & June 21st, 2011), guests will be invited to sing/perform on video, which will then be uploaded to the Out of Focus Entertainment website. From there, website visitors will vote for their favorite singer. The top half of singer videos that receive the most votes (weekly winners, maximum of 6) will be entered into the Semi Finals round.

During the Semi Finals round (Tuesday, July 12th), all of the weekly winners will be narrowed down to 10, based on a point system that includes vocal ability, stage performance, knowledge of the chosen song, delivery of the song, and audience support. This will be assessed by guest judges, consisting of professional vocalists, band members, and/or music industry professionals. The final 10 will compete in the FINALS round on the final week (Tuesday, July 19th, 2011) where a winner will be determined by the mentioned point system and judges. The winner of the FINALS round will be awarded $1,000 USD Cash!
  • There is no fee to enter this contest, or cover for the event.
  • No two contestants can sing the same song. Song availability is on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Contestants may bring their own karaoke music selection to sing to any of the qualifying rounds, semi finals or finals, however it must be in a CD+G format on an original karaoke CD (No burn copies). Out of Focus does not guarantee personal karaoke songs will be compatible with our operating systems
  • All contestants must fill out a registration paper/video release.
  • Registration begins at 9pm, and closes at 10pm.
  • Registration papers do not "rollover" into the following weeks. However, a contestant may sign up again another week, if they do not make the "top half" voted singers during their previous attempt.
  • Open karaoke for any guests at the bar will go on before and after the competition. Singers in the competition are invited to sing to warm up, or simply enjoy themselves.
  • There will be a minimum of 4 singers, and a maximum of 12 singers for the Showcase Karaoke™ video competition.
  • Competition is only solo acts; no duets.
  • Any inappropriate behavior on camera will disqualify one from the competition.
  • Contestants may not promote other companies, businesses or events or while on stage/on camera
  • Contestants may go by their "stage" alias.
  • 191 South employees may participate in the competition, but must be off-duty.
  • Out of Focus Entertainment current employees or privately contracted employees may not participate in the competition.
  • Past Showcase Karaoke Competition contestants, qualifiers, semi finalists and finalists may compete in the current competitiion with the exception of any previous competitions grand prize winner.
  • Dress code abides with 191 South's standards.
  • 1:00 minute to 2:00 minutes of each Singer's video will be loaded to the Thursday after the event, and voting will take place until 6pm CT, the Tuesday of the next event.
  • The top half of weekly winners who received the most votes will be announced at the start of the following week's competition. Singers who did not qualify in the previous week who are present are invited to sing again and attempt to qualify during the current week.

Any questions are welcomed: please contact

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing some familiar friends and new faces at 
Sam Maguire's for Showcase Karaoke III.  
The Showcase Karaoke™ catch phrase
"Video, Rockstar, Cash"
sums up the next 8 weeks to come!
Tell your friends, come out, show us you're a star or come watch the show!!